#WildCardWednesday: Grimes – ‘Genesis’

Grimes Banner

Grimes is an interesting, quirky artist and, I feel, a fantastic choice for this week’s ‘Wild-Card Wednesday’ track. I recently discovered this song whilst in a shop and shazam-ed (if that’s a verb now?!) it. I really like the way she’s mixed together her haunting, child-like vocals with electronica synths and asian-style instrumentation. It makes for a really interesting, unusual and catchy track. I must say though, I looked further into her sound and this is one of her better tracks – many of her others are quite different to this and are much more experimental.

I hope you enjoy this particular song though – please share it.

What are you listening to, that’s unusual? Have you got anything like this track that I could hear? I’m interested to find more, similar music to this.

Matt – Muzik Speaks


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