#WildCardWednesday: Pogo – ‘Boo Bass’

Pogo Banner

Pogo (aka Nick Bertke) is a fascinating, electronic musician from Perth, Australia; he is like the KING of sampling! He specialises in the sampling of small sounds, quotes and melodies from films, in particular, Disney films. I am an avid Disney fan and stumbled across this guy on YouTube; where he found notoriety. He has been sampling Disney films for several years now, as well as a whole host of other films, including Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter, Back to the Future and more.

This particular offering comes from the massive Disney/Pixar blockbuster, Monsters, Inc. featuring samples of main characters, Mike Wazowski, Sully and of course the adorable Boo. The song is a melodic masterpiece, both easy on the ear and delightful in is simplistic-sounding, complexity. I adore the way he’s managed to make Boo’s trademark giggle into a harmony with itself – pure genius!


What’s your #Wild-Card for this Wednesday? Please share this and reply with your song choice!

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