#WildCardWednesday: Bright City – ‘Colour’

Bright City Banner

Well, what to say about this Brighton-based band; Brighton is where I live and it was a couple of Sunday’s ago, I was checking what new releases were coming out on iTunes the next day and saw this band had an album due out. I did some investigating to find that their album launch was happening that day in Hove. The only song I could find of theirs online was this one, which intrigued me, so I took myself to their album launch.

Within minutes I was chatted to by friendly audience members, only to find out that they are indeed a Christian band, all of whom attend St Peter’s church in Brighton. I personally am not a religious, church-going man, however was thoroughly surprised by the chatty supporters and then treated to a spell-binding performance by the band, including some dancers and a variety of singers.

I had to purchase the album because of the energy of their show and melodic songs – indeed they are not actually just a band, but rather a collective of artists, songwriters, producers and more, who have made a passionate thing into this captivating entity. Whilst a lot of the rest of the album does have many worship-based phrases, it still remains a very well crafted album.

This particular song is beautiful and I especially like the electronica edge to it.

What do you think of this track? Loving it? Loathing it? Share this post, spread the love and reply with your Wild-Card for this Wednesday!

Matt – Muzik Speaks


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