#WildCardWednesday: Raleigh Ritchie – ‘Stronger Than Ever’

Raleigh Ritchie Banner

This weeks Wild-Card Wednesday is ‘Stronger Than Ever’ by Raleigh Ritchie. Some of you may recognise him as Game of Thrones’ ‘Grey Worm’. I’m a big fan of his work due to the all the complex and original ideas he expresses through his music.

This Wild-Card is one of my favourite songs as it achieves so much in just under 4 minutes!

‘Stronger Than Ever’ has a good beat, accompanied by some very empowering lyrics. The song reflects a personal issue in such an insane amount of detail that almost every word speaks for itself. On top of a great song, Ritchie has published a very high quality video, the subject matter of the video metaphorically reflects the deeper meaning of the song along with some amazing filmography skills!

(Watch out for the key moment of the whole video at 1:48!)

I really hope Raleigh Ritchie releases more music soon, and I look forward to seeing what ideas he has to share with the public!

Also you can catch him at Wireless Festival this year!

Max – Muzik Speaks


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