#FeelGoodFriday: The Madden Brothers – ‘We Are Done’

The Madden Brothers Banner

The Madden Brothers, Benji and Joel (better known for their work as part of pop-punk band, Good Charlotte) began their new incarnation, back in 2011, when they released a sort of hip-hop collaborated mixtape.

After taking some time to develop their sound as a duo, the pair finally released their first single, ‘We Are Done’ in June 2014.

The single was taken from their debut album, ‘Greetings From California’. The album is split into two “sides”; the first is reminiscent of upbeat, almost beach-going pop-rock, whilst the second is (as described by them) “70s-era FM pop’.

I love this track as it’s a very different sound for the twins! I also have the utmost respect for them; they are very humble, their music is honest and they have truly built themselves up from nothing. They have definitely earned and deserve to be where they are today. Please enjoy this gem!

Peeps, what do you think of this song? Please share it 🙂 Are you listening to anything that’s making your #FeelGoodFriday even better? Leave a comment below.

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