#MellowMonday: ODESZA – ‘All We Need’ featuring Shy Girls


ODESZA are an electronic duo from Seattle, formed in 2012 after meeting at Western Washington University. The pair – consisting of Harrison Mills (aka CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (aka BeachesBeaches) – released their debut album, which gathered acclaim among online electronic music communities. This track, All We Need, is taken from their second offering, In Return, and features vocals from Shy Girls.

A nicely mellow and melodic offering for this week’s #MellowMonday, I feel.

What do you think of the song? Does the video suit the song? What’s mellowing out your Monday this week? Please comment below and share the link to this post on your social media. Thanks!

Matt – Muzik Speaks

ODESZA – All We Need featuring Shy Girls (Official Video)

**WARNING** – this video contains scenes of drug use. PLEASE NOTE: We do not condone the use of drugs, it’s just the music video for our chosen song today.

ODESZA – All We Need featuring Shy Girls (Official Audio)

If you’d prefer not to see the video, due to its explicit content, the audio video is below.


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