#MellowMonday: Passenger – ‘David’

Passenger Banner

Let me start off by saying that I have been a huge Passenger fan, right from the word go!

In the beginning – whilst stylised as /Passenger. – it was a four/five piece band, consisting of Mike Rosenberg, Andrew Phillips and others. It was in 2009, that the band split up and Mike Rosenberg went at it alone, using the moniker Passenger.

Since going at it alone, Passenger has released 6 solo albums, with his most recent, Whispers II, being released in April 2015. It is made all the more special, since Rosenberg has stated that all profits made from the release of this album will go to UNICEF UK, to help with their cause!

The reason I have chosen this particular track (‘David’) is that it’s musical style and lyrical content really stood out to me, upon first listen of the album. The beginning of the song has quite a fraught, on-edge feel to it, with it’s piercing guitar sounds, before transcending into a more beautiful masterpiece with its delicate, impish strings. Rosenberg has a real gift for telling stories with his songs, and this one is a tragically beautiful tale of a real story about a man he once met outside a hostel. The promotional video made to accompany the song is also beautifully shot.

This track is featured on Passenger’s latest album, Whispers II, which you can purchase from iTunes now and help support UNICEF UK – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/david/id976668065?i=976668071

Passenger – ‘David’ (WARNING: This track contains explicit lyrical content)


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