#WildCardWednesday: Only Real – ‘Cadillac Girl’

Only Real

Only Real‘s music really grabbed my attention when I first heard it.

His ability to mash together unexpected sounds and still produce top quality songs left me in awe, when I first heard his 2015 album, ‘Jerk At The End Of The Line‘.

The distinct lazy/chilled-out sounding instrumentals are blessed with his slurred style of singing and rapping which somehow works perfectly!

Only Real is a one-man-band from London, whom I have high hopes for.

‘Cadillac Girl’ is one of my favourites from his recent album. I’m a huge fan of the video too, check it out!

Max – Muzik Speaks

‘Cadillac Girl’ is out now and available to buy on iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/cadillac-girl/id847139417?i=847139509


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