#Playlist: July 2015

Bienvenido ‘Speakerz’!

It’s time for July’s monthly YouTube and Spotify playlist!

This month, we’ve brought you new music from Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, John Newman and Flo Rida, we’ve made your Fridays even happier with Andy Grammer, Mark Ronson and St Lucia and we even had a special Disney-themed week, with songs from Toy Story, The Lion King, Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast. There’s even been some unique tracks from the likes of Vindata, Mi’das, Conrad Sewell, Trevor Guthrie and Echosmith.

We really hope that you enjoy the songs we’ve brought you throughout July 2015’s posts, as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing them! – Our apologies if any of the tracks are missing from the Spotify playlist – some of them may not have been released yet or some may have been removed from Spotify by the artist/band.

Note: You can view the whole YouTube playlist by using the dropdown menu at the top corner of the video, or skip a song using the ‘next’ button.


Next month, we’re hoping to secure another Skype interview and of course we’ll be bringing you many more epic tunes!


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Lastly, please please feel free to respond to our posts on Facebook or leave comments on each of our blog posts with your own tracks for each of the daily themes – we want to hear what you’re listening to because we love music as much as you, and we really enjoy finding out about new tunes. Thanks so much.

Matt – Muzik Speaks


Please leave us a comment...it could be your thoughts about this post, how a song makes you feel or even a song suggestion of your own. We'd love to hear from you!

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