#MellowMonday: Alex Parks – ‘Get Out’

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If you’re thinking you remember her from anywhere, it’s from BBC’s Fame Academy. Alex Parks had a short-lived career following her Fame Academy win. She had two albums, ‘Introduction’ and ‘Honesty’.

This particular track is taken from her sophomore album, ‘Honesty’, but was never released as a single, and so therefore no video was ever released (see the fan-made video below).

The song is the perfect chill-out pop song and shows off her sensational vocals perfectly. It’s a great way to start the week!

I also love this song as it has so many memories for me and one of my best friends and our trip to South Africa.

Do you remember Alex Parks? Were you a fan? Where is she now? She parted ways with her label in 2006 and hasn’t been seen since… curious!

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘Get Out’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/get-out/id82090523?i=82090557


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