#EventSpeaks: Lucy Spraggan @ The Old Market, Hove (Brighton) – 29/02/16

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Last night (Monday 29th February 2016) I was given the great opportunity to see Lucy Spraggan perform at The Old Market in Brighton (well, Hove actually!) and she really was incredible; the vibe in the room was simply electric! The support was Lola Young, who has an incredible voice!

Lola Young

This incredibly talented girl, with a big, powerful voice, took to the stage at 8pm and performed for around 30 minutes. Within seconds of her first song, I felt, that this girl had something special – a great songwriting style with an insanely fantastic voice to match, but what makes her more incredible, is the fact that she’s currently just 15 years old! If she’s like that now, I wonder what she’ll be like in 5 years time?! She’s currently performing on CBBC’s Got What It Takes, talent show.

She’s most definitely one to watch out for and the performance of her final song, ‘Better Days’, can be seen below!

Highlight: The sheer power behind her voice and the stories she tells through her songs; she’s advanced beyond her years!

Lucy Spraggan

Lucy Spraggan took to the stage at 9pm and performed a whole heap of fan favourites, for an hour.

The stage presence Lucy has is just immense – she has this beautiful way of making every member of the audience feel special and draws them in with the intricate anecdotes behind her songs. I use the word “song” in a lose sense; they’re a lot like stories set to music and this is the beauty behind her talent. Whether sad or happy, her songs tell a tale which invite you into a piece of her life or otherwise narrate parts of someone else’s.

The audience was comprised of dedicated fans who knew the words to every single song she’s ever released and took great pleasure in belting them at the top of their lungs. Lucy’s fanbase is clearly dedicated and passionate about her music and quite rightly so; she’s incredibly talented.

Lucy often performs with a full band, but this is an acoustic tour and the vibe about is rather unique and special – just her and a keys player – and I think part of the magic of the evening, was the intimacy this offered the crowd.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Lucy perform and would love to see her again (maybe with a full band next time!) to get a difference experience. I really strongly urge everyone to check her out live; you’re in for a real treat…I promise!


  • Lucy’s seamless transitions between songs…avec banter!
  • Her song about Jeremy Kyle!
  • The stories she tells about certain songs.
  • New song, ‘Dear You’; it’s a real tearjerker and really struck a chord with everyone in the audience!
  • The fact she’s so smiley; performing is clearly what she loves to do.
  • The electricity in the audience – it has such a warm, welcoming and fun vibe.


Coming Down
Join The Club
In A State*
Dear You (NEW SONG)*
Yes, This One’s For You
Paper Cuts
Last Night
London Bound
Jeremy Kyle
Don’t Know Nothing About The Blues (Blues Song)*
Tea & Toast*

These songs can be viewed in the YouTube playlist, below.

Lastly, I want to say a massive thanks to Lucy Spraggan, for her amazing performance and doing an interview with us, and Ben Price for putting me on the guest-list and arranging for me to do this!

Click here to readAn Interview with Lucy Spraggan.

Matt – Muzik Speaks


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