#Two4Tunesday: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – ‘Kevin’ featuring Leon Bridges & Halsey – ‘Colors’

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – ‘Kevin’ featuring Leon Bridges

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are back with a brand new anthem, featuring Leon Bridges, called ‘Kevin’.

Macklemore wrote the track as an homage to his late, aspiring rapper friend, called Kevin, who overdosed on painkillers.

The track features the soulful voice of Leon Bridges and is accompanied by some rather stunning, black & white visuals.

The song is taken from the follow-up to their Grammy-award-winning album, The Heist, called, The Unruly Mess I’ve Made, and it’s cracking!

‘Kevin’ is on iTunes for downloading now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/kevin-feat.-leon-bridges/id1083640887?i=1083641061

Halsey – ‘Colors’

Halsey (aka Ashley Nicolette Frangipane) has just released the third single from her album Badlands, ‘Colors’. Her voice sits beautifully atop the instrumentation and it has an air of Taylor Swift about it, but with a little more heart to it.

The song is a bit of an electronic, musical masterpiece and seems fitting to be turned into a music video, and she has done just that – made a visual piece of art to accompany the song and although the relation to the song itself doesn’t seem evident, it doesn’t need to; it’s perfect the way it is! It’s a cryptic video with clues to the ending given throughout, so watch carefully!

‘Colors’ can be downloaded on iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/colors/id1013141057?i=1013142011

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