#Two4Tunesday: Twenty One Pilots – ‘Stressed Out’ & Timeflies – ‘Once In A While’

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Twenty One Pilots – ‘Stressed Out’

Twenty One Pilots are an American musical duo who have merged hip hop with electropop to perfection.

The band have had several releases to date but ‘Stressed Out’ has been their most successful track in the UK to date, and the only one to chart (reaching Number 14).

This song possibly owes its commercial success to the lyrical content and it’s take on the darker sides of adolescent life transitioning into adulthood.

Great video too! – check that out below!

‘Stressed Out’ is on iTunes for downloading now! – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/stressed-out/id974485462?i=974485474

Timeflies – ‘Once In A While’

Timeflies have been featured on Muzik Speaks before and have been gathering a lot of online attention recently. The pair have even been collaborating with a whole range of artists including Mike Posner and Martin Johnson (singer of Boys Like Girls).

This song, ‘Once In A While’, is their most recent release and not taken from their 2015 album, Just For Fun – could this be a sign of a new album this year?!

There are elements of Kygo vibes with great vocals and their trademark hint of hip hop thrown in too – a great summery feel-good song.

‘Once In A While’ is up for download from iTunes now! – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/once-in-a-while/id1078486347?i=1078486355


Matt – Muzik Speaks


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