#Two4Tunesday: DNCE – ‘Cake By The Ocean’ & Syn Cole – ‘The Daze’ featuring Madame Buttons

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DNCE – ‘Cake By The Ocean’

DNCE are an American pop-rock band conceived by Joe Jonas and long-term Jonas Brothers drummer Jack Lawless. The pair had the idea for the project when living together but put it on hold due to busy schedules.

With the addition of Cole Whittle and JinJoo Lee, the project was complete and their debut EP, Swaay, was released.

Their debut single, Cake By The Ocean, has earned the group some due success but has been gathering recognition in the UK, slowly. It is now being played on radio here and hopefully will see the quartet break into the UK market more.

Excited for the album? Want to hear more? We do!

‘Cake By The Ocean’ is on iTunes for downloading now! – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/cake-by-the-ocean/id1040596887?i=1040596888

Syn Cole – ‘The Daze’ featuring Madame Buttons

Syn Cole (aka Rene Pais) is an Estonian DJ known for his singles to date, including ‘Miami 82’Feel Good’, Bright Lights’ and It’s You’.

His most recent release however, is ‘The Daze’ featuring Madame Buttons and it is one heck of a song – it’s a fusion of EDM and pop in the perfect way – it’s just anthemic to the extreme! #cantgetenoughofthis

Nuff said!

What do you think? Good song? Not a fan? Let us know your thoughts! Have you heard Syn Cole’s other releases? What do you think?

‘The Daze’ can be downloaded from iTunes now! – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-daze-feat.-madame-buttons/id1091872956?i=1091873152

Matt – Muzik Speaks


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