#Two4Tunesday: M.O – ‘Who Do You Think Of?’ & SHELLS – ‘Jagwar’

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M.O – ‘Who Do You Think Of?’

M.O are a UK-based trio of girls with a very current sound. The group’s latest single, ‘Who Do You Think Of?’ is packed to the brim with dance-pop beats and tropical house vibes. The steel-drum sounds, military-like drum rolls and high-pitched vocals give it everything you could ever want in a summer song.

If the trio didn’t already have a big fanbase, this track is surely going to boost it further.

‘Who Do You Think Of’ is on iTunes for downloading now! – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/who-do-you-think-of/id1111432412?i=1111432500

SHELLS – ‘Jagwar’

SHELLS has just returned TODAY with her second single, ‘Jagwar’. The song boasts the same serene beauty that she showed off on her debut track, ‘Gold’‘Jagwar’ is all about letting go of something you love, and being stronger for it. Her voice is stunning and the lyrics are captivating – it’s just a brilliant tune!
You can also catch her at her first headline show at The Forge (London) on September 14 – tickets are available here.

‘Jagwar’ can also be downloaded from iTunes now! – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/jagwar/id1135868139?i=1135868334

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