#ThrowbackThursday: Dario G – ‘Sunchyme’

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It’s unbelievable to think that Dario G‘s ‘Sunchyme’ is nearly 20 years old now! I absolutely LOVED this song first time around – I remember I first heard it on a compilation CD I have and was obsessed with it!

What I particularly love about this track is that it hasn’t aged – it’s timeless! It features samples of ‘Life in a Northern Town’ by dream pop band The Dream Academy. I also loved the music video for the song with its use of African tribes people covered in paint to make them look like animals native to the land – it’s interesting and captivating.

The song unfortunately never reached Number 1 in the UK as it was held off the top spot by Elton John‘s ‘Candle in the Wind 1997’ dedicated to Princess Diana’s death, but Number 2 is still one heck of an achievement!

So, what did you think of this song first time around? Are you new to hearing it? If so, what are your thoughts. Please share your thoughts or own #ThrowbackThursday choice in a comment below or via our social media.

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‘Sunchyme’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sunchyme/id358591646?i=358591677


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