#WildCardWednesday: Kate Nash – ‘Good Summer’

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Having taken some time out of the limelight to work on writing songs for others (such as Rita Ora‘s ‘Poison’), Kate Nash is back with some new material!

Since her debut in 2007, the songstress has experimented with her sound from the more indie side of pop to the more punky, edgy sounds of the genre. However this song is much more straight-up pop, with its use of subtle synths and beautiful melodies.

It’s definitely captured our attention and I can’t wait to hear her future releases! I gather she is set to release music more frequently throughout the coming year…will this be a string of singles or a lead-up to a new full-length album? I guess only time will tell, but whatever it turns out to be, we’re excited for her return!

Are you a Kate Nash fan? Do you like this new sound? Have you got a favourite song of hers? Please leave your thoughts or own choice for #WildCardWednesday in a comment below or tell us via social media, using the hash tag and our twitter handle.

We’re half way through the week! Huzzah!

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‘Good Summer’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/good-summer/id1139097124?i=1139097148


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