#WildCardWednesday: MNEK – ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ (Queen Cover)

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This is definitely deserving of a #WildCardWednesday! I really love MNEK‘s voice and think the guy has some serious talent! I am personally a big fan of this cover, but I’m not sure that everyone will instantly feel the same.

Queen released ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ back in 1979 and it’s become a classic rock track that is danced to, sung along with and loved the world over, so doing a cover of it is quite a risky business. However, if you take this song at face value and listen to the truly remarkable vocal harmonies and intricate, quality production, then this song is pure brilliance! Forget everything you know of the original and you will love this contemporary song for what it is.

Although the original was an upbeat, uplifting and all-encompassing feel-good track, this version manages to somehow sound more mature, if a little sinister, yet still equally catchy and gripping. I just love it!

What are your thoughts of this cover? Are you a fan? Do you like his take on it? Is the original too sacred to have been re-done? Please leave your thoughts in a comment below or chat to us about it via our social media.

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‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/dont-stop-me-now-single/id1157740733


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