#ThrowbackThursday: Hanson – ‘MMMBop’




20 years ago this year, Hanson burst onto the pop scene with this incredibly infectious hit, ‘MMMBop’, which hit the Number 1 spot in 27 countries around the world!

Interestingly, the song was originally recorded as a ballad, but was reworked by producers The Dust Brothers, making it into the monster success we know today.

Taken from their first commercially successful album, Middle Of Nowhere, the single launched the bands career, thrusting them into the limelight, seemingly from nowhere. 20 years on, the band are still going strong; sadly, no single has quite reached this level of success, but their followers remain dedicated and this song still remains a massive success and guilty pleasure the world over.

The music video is fun and showcases the brothers’ special bond and puts across the kind of fun-filled antics brothers of their age should get up to.

Remember this song the first time round? Still a fan? Is this a guilty pleasure of yours? Please share  your thoughts or your own #ThrowbackThursday suggestion in a comment or via our social media accounts.

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘MMMBop’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/mmmbop/id91888154?i=91888157


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