#SundayFunday: Lady Gaga – ‘The Cure’




It’s come as a complete surprise, but Lady Gaga has literally just dropped her latest single, The Cure’, today.

After performing it for the first time at this year’s Coachella (2017), the singer has also released the track via iTunes and Spotify.

It is the first new music from the singer since last year’s album, Joanne. It’s unclear, as yet, what she plans to do with the song – could it be the sign of a new album? Or is it just a present to her adoring fans? No one knows yet.

The song itself is more of a step in the direction of her earlier music (The Fame) and is a far cry from 2016’s Joanne but it certainly is catchy. However, it does feel a little safe from the singer as it’s definitely got vibes of the current Tropical House trend but she’s definitely put her mark on it – undoubtedly it’ll chart well! I do like it though – a good track.

Unfortunately no music video has been released as yet, but of course I’m sure one will follow. Until then, see the fan-recorded debut performance at 2017’s Coachella.

What are your thoughts of the singer’s latest, surprise single? Please leave your thoughts or your own #SundayFunday song suggestion in a comment or via social media.

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘The Cure’ can also be downloaded via iTunes, now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-cure/id1227018130?i=1227018435


8 thoughts on “#SundayFunday: Lady Gaga – ‘The Cure’

  1. I like ‘The Cure’ pretty well – not her best, but certainly better than some of her weak hits like ‘Applause.’ I didn’t attend the Coachella Festival, but was able to catch Lady Gaga’s show on YouTube’s live stream, and it was great.

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      1. No, ‘Joanne’ didn’t get me very excited. I liked it well enough, but also thought it was probably a good idea for her to go outside her usual style, like she did with her collaboration with Tony Bennett. Doing those different albums didn’t likely resonate with some of her fans, but I think it helped showcase her pretty broad singing abilities, as well as her courage in going against what most marketing managers would advise.

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      2. Very true indeed and shows real diversity. Don’t suppose you are following us on Twitter or Facebook are you? Would really appreciate some shares of our posts.

        Also, you got any good songs you like at the moment to recommend us?


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