#WildCardWednesday: Vanessa Carlton – ‘Dreams’


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Vanessa Carlton is probably most notable for her 2002 smash hit, ‘A Thousand Miles but she is so much more than that!

With 5 studio albums now under her belt, she has certainly been busy writing and recording music and touring the world. She is also now beginning to prepare a new album. However, until then, she will begin to release one cover song a month (starting with a cover of Robyn‘s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ in March 2018), while she continues work on her upcoming sixth album.

April 2018’s cover is the huge, classic Fleetwood Mac song, ‘Dreams’. This is a very close rendition to the original but with much more haunting vocals and instrumentals, created by the subtle reverb on Carlton’s voice and the guitars. Whilst covers tend to divide opinions and people often state that they “don’t live up to the original”, this is a superb modernisation of the track and pays a brilliant homage to the original; well done Vanessa Carlton! I can’t wait to see which cover you do next!

No music video has been released, but the audio video can be seen and heard below.

What are your thoughts of the latest cover from this incredible singer-songwriter? Got a #WildCardWednesday track or cover song to recommend us? Please leave your thoughts or song suggestions in a comment or hit us up via our social media.

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‘Dreams’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/dreams-single/1370083158


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