#ThrowbackThursday: The All-American Rejects – ‘Gives You Hell’


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The All-American Rejects released their monster hit, ‘Gives You Hell’, back in 2008, which went on to become their most successful single, to date.

It reached Number 18 in the UK Charts and received regular rotation on radio and music video channels. It was also the first single to be taken from their third studio album, When The World Comes Down. Since then, the band have released another album and recently a single; we’re just waiting for the announcement of their fifth album!

‘Gives You Hell’ is certainly and in-your-face break-up anthem but the chorus can also apply to many other situations; it’s just an all-round good belter to let off some steam and what’s amazing is it’s timeless.

The music video is pretty original too and damn funny; it’s well worth a watch!

What are your thoughts of this awesome 2008 track? Doesn’t it still sound sick?! Do you still love it as much as you did back then? Have you got a #ThrowbackThursday track to recommend us? Please leave your thoughts or song suggestions in a comment or via social media.

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘Gives You Hell’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/gives-you-hell/304613492?i=304613499


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