#MellowMonday: Justin Bieber – ‘Intentions (Acoustic)’

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It’s #MellowMonday and today is all about the acoustic version of Justin Bieber‘s latest single, ‘Intentions’.

The original version features Quavo but for this stripped-back version, Bieber has chosen to go at it alone. This particular rendition shows off his dynamic and impeccably talented vocals perfectly, and is a nice nod to his origins of being more acoustic based.

The almost rap-like flows of some of the vocal melodies make for a really interesting experience on an acoustic track but they work really well.

The overall chill vibes of this track are ideal for a relaxed Monday and although no music video exists for this version, your mind can’t help but wander to summer days and dream of lying on a beach or enjoying a BBQ with friends.

We’re addicted!

What are your thoughts of this acoustic version of Bieber’s latest single? Do you have a #MellowMonday track to recommend us? Please leave your thoughts or song suggestions in a comment or via social media.

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘Intentions (Acoustic)’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://music.apple.com/gb/album/intentions-acoustic-single/1503395021


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