#Review: Less Than Jake – Silver Linings

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Less Than Jake are a ska punk band from Florida, who formed back in 1992. Now with 8 studio albums behind them, the band are gearing up to release their ninth record, Silver Linings. Here’s what we have to say about it…


2020 has been a rubbish year for everyone but that’s where Less Than Jake come in, with their uplifting collection of upbeat ska-punk anthems.

On Silver Linings, the band truly do make the best of being both ska and punk with the right amounts of brass instrumentation and chugging guitars.

The album opens with the anthemic ‘The High Cost of Low Living’ – it’s a classic Less Than Jake track with a key change at its peak and some insanely cool vocal harmonies right at the end.

‘Lie To Me’ is next up with its punk rock breakdown, whilst ‘Keep On Chasing’ has a wonderfully catchy guitar lick and key change that make for an interesting listen.

Less Than Jake are not breaking any barriers with this record but maybe that’s a good thing.

‘Dear Me’ and ‘Monkey Wrench Myself’ keep energy levels to a maximum with their frantic, mosh-pit-inducing pace, whilst ‘Lost At Home’ significantly changes the tone of the record with its highly skankable vibes.

‘Bill’ is a superb punk rock anthem with its chugging guitars whilst ‘So Much Less’ brings the album to an apt close.

Less Than Jake are not breaking any barriers with this record but maybe that’s a good thing. They’re spreading positivity with their brand of bouncy songs and show us that in times of adversity, there are Silver Linings and hope that there will be good times ahead.


‘Silver Linings’ is out now and can be downloaded from iTunes – https://music.apple.com/gb/album/silver-linings/1530304255

Silver Linings on Spotify

Lie To Me (Official Music Video)

Anytime and Anywhere (Official Lyric Video)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review! What do you think of the band’s latest album? Are you as much of a fan as us? What would you rate it out of 5? Please leave your thoughts in a comment or via our social media.

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#Review: Zebrahead @ Patterns, Brighton – 18/01/20

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On Saturday 18th January 2020, Zebrahead arrived in Brighton to perform the first of three, intimate UK shows, whilst on a break from their tour with Sum 41. The band were supported by Welsh rock band, Maddison. Here’s what we had to say about the show…


Welsh rockers, Maddison, put on one hell of a show with their heavy guitars, powerful vocals and superb production (with some pretty epic backing tracks, which truly added to the atmosphere).

Their sound is massive – it’s stadium metal meets melodic rock and their onstage chemistry radiates throughout their performance.

The only criticism is that their onstage banter sometimes became tricky to hear when they talked over each other. Other than that, despite not knowing any of their songs, I thoroughly enjoyed their set.

Highlight: It would have to be the incredible use of backing tracks to create a wonderfully full sound – a real quality production.


As always, Zebrahead arrived on stage to an epic intro – this time it was the Team America theme song – before bursting into their first song, ‘All My Friends Are Nobodies’.

Despite the venue being smaller than some they might be used to, the band used the space to their full advantage. They worked the crowd into a frenzy by performing a string of their hits – both old and new – and getting everyone in the place involved!

They certainly know how to have a good time too – the band have a pair of guitar techs who dress up as aliens and come on stage intermittently, getting involved in a variety of hilarious antics – from doing a drinking competition between the two of them, to one of them crowd-surfing on a giant rubber ring (as can be seen in the ‘Hello Tomorrow’ live video below). Possibly the most fun part of their set though, was their cover of ‘Baby Shark’ but changed to ‘Let’s Do Shots, during which the aliens passed shots around the band (see the video below).

The band members are tight – their performance is strong, well-timed and they clearly have a great relationship on stage – the chemistry between them is light-hearted and jokey and they just look like they’re having the best time.

If you haven’t had the chance to see Zebrahead live yet, then frankly you haven’t lived yet – they always deliver a high-energy show and regardless of whether you know many of their songs or not, they never fail to get the audience involved.

Zebrahead are a must-see!


  • During one song, Ali asked the crowd to see how many people they could get crowd-surfing during one song – security did not look happy, but it was manic and hilarious.
  • During ‘Worse Than This’, the band brought up two people in the crowd to try and out-drink each other, causing chaos on stage, followed by getting the pair to stage dive off the stage, after the song.
  • ‘Let’s Do Shots’ (‘Baby Shark’ cover)…enough said!
  • The aliens’ antics were pretty funny – in particular the crowd-surfing on the rubber ring.
  • Ali’s powerful scream/rapping is incredible to witness live and Matty (although sometimes not always pitch-perfect) has a great live vocal too.
  • Dan’s moustache!
  • The way the band include the audience and get a real crowd interaction going means that whether you know their material or not, you will always feel swept-up and included at one of their shows.

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ÔŅľ ūüďł All of the photos in this post are credited to Elliot McRae ÔŅľ ūüď∑
Please go and give him a follow on Twitter and Instagram.


All My Friends Are Nobodies
Call Your Friends
The Perfect Crime
Drink Drink
Save Your Breath
We’re Not Alright
Mike Dexter
Seven Nation Army / Wake Me Up
Worse Than This*
Hell Yeah!
When Both Sides Suck
Hello Tomorrow*
Let’s Do Shots (Baby Shark)*
Keep It To Myself
Rescue Me*
Party Party

Falling Apart

These songs can be viewed in the YouTube playlist, below.

Finally, I want to say a massive thanks to Zebrahead and Maddison for putting on a killer show, and to Lout Promotions for enabling the review to happen!

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#Two4Tunesday: Jason Derulo – ‘Colors’ & Janelle Mon√°e – ‘PYNK’ featuring Grimes


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Jason Derulo – ‘Colors’

Jason Derulo is one of those artists who is instantly recognisable! Often just from the start of a tune, you can tell it’s by him, and then again when his voice kicks in.

This isn’t the first time Derulo has teamed up with Coca-Cola (remember 2012’s ‘Undefeated’?). Now he’s back with Coca-Cola’s anthem for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

‘Colors’ is certainly a world anthem, promoting pride and patriotism for your county but at the same time, celebrating everyone else’s, not seeing rivalry.

This is a positive, uplifting track that is sure to get people going and excited for the tournament ahead. Also, the video is pretty fun too!

‘Colors’¬†is¬†on¬†iTunes for downloading now! –¬†https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/colors/1356224861?i=1356224875

Janelle Mon√°e – ‘PYNK’ featuring Grimes

Janelle Mon√°e has just released her third album, Dirty Computer, and ‘Pynk’ is one of my favourite singles from the record.It’s a collaboration with Canadian art pop artist, Grimes and is a song all about female empowerment, self-love…and there are certainly strong references to female genitalia! This can be seen from the music video too (see below).

The track actually interpolates parts of Aerosmith‘s ‘Pink’, and as such, are credited as writers of the song.

This is a strong song to kickstart your Tuesday, so turn it up loud and enjoy!

‘Pynk’¬†can also be downloaded from iTunes now! –¬†https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/pynk-feat-grimes/1350021308?i=1350021466

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#Review: Bars & Melody – Generation Z




Bars & Melody¬†(check out our interview with the guys, here) first rose to fame as contestants on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014. The pair¬†were automatically sent into the semi-finals of the competition, when¬†Simon Cowell¬†pressed the “golden buzzer” after watching their performance of ‘Hopeful’ (later released as their debut single).¬†The duo ultimately finished in third place in the series but since then have gone on to build a very loyal following and built up a big name for themselves.

Bars & Melody - Generation Z

The album opens with heavy-hitting¬†‘Allergic to the Sun’ which sets the tone perfectly for the album, showing the duo’s departure from conventional pop music into a far more edgy sound. It’s quite apocalyptic in it’s feel and reflects the album artwork brilliantly.

Not only has¬†Leondre‘s voice got deeper…so have the lyrics and the styles of the songs – there are quite a few songs based on relationships and dealing with issues related to growing up but the pair are truly writing from the heart. Some of the biggest standout tracks are:¬†‘Apologise’ (with its beautiful simplicity and captivating chorus);¬†‘Faded’¬†(for its anthemic chorus and club-like sound);¬†‘Serious’¬†(probably one of the most pop tracks on the album – it reminds me somewhat of Olly Murs)¬†and¬†‘I Won’t Let You Go’¬†(Charlie’s vocals are so full-on and passionate on this track – I would really like to hear him use this tone more often).

There is a certain mixtape quality to the record – it is somewhat experimental in its approach, but that’s not a bad thing!

The production of the album is tinted with urban flavours throughout; each song is unique in its own way and whilst it does come together as a brilliant body of work, overall, there is a certain mixtape quality to the record. There are some fantastic songs with catchy hooks and deep lyrics and although there are stand-out tracks, it is somewhat experimental in its approach. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing – it should be celebrated that the pair have spent time finding their own sound and crafting something which not only works for them but makes them stand out.

Considering just a couple of years ago, the pair put out an album (143)¬†which was very pop in style, this follow-up (originals) album is quite a welcome departure from that, demonstrating that they’re maturing, not only in terms of their songwriting but their musical style too. It seems that they’re now truly finding their own feet.

What must be said for this album is that Charlie‘s vocal abilities are truly incredible but to hear him use his full voice more (like in ‘I Won’t Let You Go’), would be amazing. Meanwhile, Leondre‘s rapping has really progressed – his tone is great and his lyrics show maturity. This album is well worth listening to, I certainly found that the more you listen, the more little gems you hear weaving their way throughout – it’s a real grower!


‘Generation Z’¬†is out now and can be downloaded from iTunes –¬†https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/generation-z/id1262081707

‘Generation Z’ on Spotify

Thousand Years (Official Video)

‘Generation Z’ Track-By-Track

Find out more about the meanings behind the songs with this track-by-track video.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the duo’s latest album! What are your thoughts on Generation Z? What would you rate it? Please leave your thoughts in a comment or hit us up via our social media.

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#ThrowbackThursday: McFly – ‘Friday Night’

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‘Friday Night’ is probably one of¬†McFly‘s lesser-known singles, maybe? It was released as a double A-side with ‘Sorry’s Not Good Enough’.¬†It’s a great, upbeat, punchy and anthemic song that I just couldn’t resist posting…especially as it’s about to reach its 10th anniversary!

The video for the song was self-directed by the band and filled with good humour. The song was taken from the band’s third album,¬†Motion in the Ocean.¬†It was also the feature track of the film,¬†Night at the Museum which was also released in the same year.

For some reason, a lot of McFly’s videos have disappeared from their official YouTube account, but there’s a poor-quality version of the video below. Anyway, enjoy!

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘Friday Night’¬†can be downloaded off¬†iTunes now –¬†https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/friday-night/id576728446?i=576728598

#MellowMonday: OneRepublic – ‘Can’t Stop’

OneRepublic Banner

OneRepublic have gone from strength to strength over the years and their most recent album, Native, is probably their strongest album to date (a very difficult thing to achieve!)

This song is an album track and hasn’t been released as a single, but my word its a powerful song – it may not be the calmest of songs when it gets into it, but it’s a beautifully written song. I hope you like it as much as I do.

OneRepublic have some incredible, mellow songs; have you¬†got a different song¬†of theirs you’re loving on this Mellow of Mondays? Please share and reply to¬†this post.

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#FeelGoodFriday: Jus Now featuring Blaxx – ‘Leh Go’


Oh my days, this song! I discovered this song on the radio, about 6 months ago and just came across it again today! It instantly puts me in the best mood and just makes me want to dance. I defy anyone not to find the carnival-style rhythm of this song, make them want to dance and sing along. Bring it on, with the volume to the max!

What’s giving you that¬†Friday feeling? Does this song make you ‘Feel Good’? Please reply to this post and share it with your friends.

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#FeelGoodFriday: Jess Glynne – ‘Hold My Hand’

Jess Glynne Banner

So, this was a proper last minute thing! I had my ‘Feel-Good Friday’ song all sorted and ready to post…that’s when this song came into my life; I just had to share it!

This song is without a doubt, ‘Feel-Good’! Jess Glynne’s voice dances brilliantly across a wide range of notes and elevates throughout the song, perfectly! The prominent use of piano is a welcome change to all of the synth in the charts right now (not that I don’t love synths…I do!) and makes me reminisce of 90s/early 00s pop. The chorus is just brilliant too – what a fantastic song! As if Jess Glynne wasn’t going from strength to strength already; this song will surely see her rocket to even bigger things!¬†‘Hold My Hand’ is released 22nd March.

Turn the volume up and get your singing on! Please share this ūüôā

Have you got that Friday feeling yet? What‚Äôs making you ‚ÄėFeel-Good‚Äô today? Share your song to help brighten our day!

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