#EventSpeaks: Patent Pending @ The Haunt, Brighton – 04/04/16

Here’s our review of the incredibly talented, energetic and fun, Patent Pending’s show in Brighton.

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On Monday 4th April 2016, I was given the great opportunity to see Patent Pending perform at The Haunt in Brighton, and they were “off da hook” incredible…as usual! The support was Boy Jumps Ship.

The VIP Treatment

I was lucky enough to attend the pre-show VIP experience which honours Patent Pending’s fans with a private, acoustic performance of some of their songs, alongside a meet and greet, photos with the band and even some free merchandise!

It was a unique experience and really does treat the fans to something extraordinary and rewarding! The band then hung around to chat to their devoted “Second Family” (Patent Pending’s fans) and really did make it an exceptional occasion – I was honoured to be a part of it and witness just how dedicated to their fans they are, as the fans are to them!

Boy Jumps Ship

This 4-piece took to the stage and warmed the crowd up a treat, performing a whole range of songs, including their recent single, Burn.

The quartet were powerful performers and took time to promote their upcoming debut album, Wake Up, which is released on April 22nd 2016!

Highlight: The powerful vocals of the lead singer and the great sound they’ve created!

Patent Pending

Where to start with Patent Pending…they’re just amazing!

Since discovering them, when they supported Zebrahead back in November 2015, I have been captivated by Patent Pending! They’re a huge amount of fun and their energy is just immense; it truly is on another level!

The band took to the stage with intensity, ‘Started In My Head’ which chants, “Here we, here we, here we f**king go!”, which had the crowd in the palm of their hands, instantly! They rolled, from there, straight into Let Go, which is just a huge amount of fun – especially when accompanied by Joe’s crazy-cool dancing! The show went on with hilarious moments, both old and new songs and even some emotional moments for Joe.

The Second Family are incredibly devoted too, to the point where some of them turned up in Mario, Princess Peach and Wario costumes and they are always part of the in-jokes and treated just like their name, a second family! One fan, Glen, was brought on stage for a song, which resulted in some hilarious consequences (see the video of ‘The Whisky, The Liar, The Thief’ below).

To tell you how awesome this band are live, is just an impossible task – they have to be seen to be fully appreciated! Coming from a relatively new fan of the band, knowing all their songs doesn’t matter, they just put on an amazing show and make you a part of their vision and their world, for the duration of their set.

This band has many things to offer live; good fun, great music, high energy, comedy, crazy dancing, Super Mario jumps and more! I urge anyone who hasn’t seen them, to do whatever it takes to get a ticket to a show…they’re just f**king AWESOME!


  • Joe’s ability to capture an audience with quick wit and crazy antics.
  • Joe’s awesome crowd swimming – complete with armbands and goggles!
  • Glen (a fan) coming on stage and attempting the Dirty Dancing lift…but in fact dropping Joe!
  • Rob and Marc doing some awesome dance routines!
  • Mario, Wario and Princess Peach on stage!
  • Joe’s awesome Mario jump!

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All of these photos are credited to Elliot McRae (an awesome, upcoming photographer!) – @EMcraePhoto


Started In My Head*
Let Go*
I Already Know (She Don’t Give a Shit About Me)
Valentine (Abridged Version)
Riot Hearts Rebellion
Psycho In Love*
Last Time That I Saw You
The Whisky, The Liar, The Thief (with snippet of ‘I Will Always Love You’)*
We’re Freakin’ Out (Map To Tahiti)
Spin Me Around*
Classic You*
Six Feet
Therefore, I Party
One Less Heart To Break*
Hey Mario*


These songs can be viewed in the YouTube playlist, below.

Finally, I want to say an absolutely HUGE thanks to Patent Pending for putting me on the guest-list, so I could come and do this review and interview!

Check out our interview with Joe Ragosta, backstage at the venue –> here.

Matt – Muzik Speaks

Muzik Speaks: An Interview with Joe Ragosta from Patent Pending @ The Haunt, Brighton – 04/04/16

Here’s the incredible, live interview Matt did with Joe Ragosta from Patent Pending at The Haunt in Brighton on 4th April 2016.

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Here is the live interview I did with Joe Ragosta from Patent Pending, backstage at The Haunt in Brighton, before their show.

As with our previous interview, Joe was hilarious and such a genuine person! Unfortunately towards the end of the interview, the support band (Boy Jumps Ship) began to play and so it becomes harder to hear – if you turn the volume down (and maybe wear headphones too) you can actually make it out a bit more clearly.

Most of these questions were submit by Patent Pending fans (aka Second Family), which means this truly is one for the fans!

Finally, I want to say a MASSIVE thanks to Joe and the rest of the band again for their time and dedication to work with us – I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative!

Check out our review of the show, complete with videos!

Matt – Muzik Speaks

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#WildCardWednesday: Patent Pending – ‘Let Go’

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As you can tell from my Zebrahead gig review, I friggin’ loved Patent Pending‘s live performance and as such have been listening to their album, ‘Brighter’, non-stop!

This pop punk band are from New York and formed in 2001 but what struck me most about them is their really varied song subjects and cheery disposition. I loved how open the singer, Joe Ragosta, was about having ADHD and battling it and the guy is a comedic genius live!

This song is monsterous for many reasons; the epic ascension throughout and the choral vocals, but then there’s the video too! It’s all-round just a sick song!

Thank me later!

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Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘Let Go’ is available for download on iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/let-go/id1055815026?i=1055815029