#MellowMonday: Talos – ‘Odyssey’




Irish singer-songwriter Talos is beginning to make big waves via his releases on Spotify and it’s clear to see why – his brand of atmospheric, melodic and even cinematic music is captivating to listen to.

‘Odyssey’ is a track that just seems to transcend to higher and higher places, the longer it runs. The music video, whilst possibly low in budget, is a work of art in itself – the resources he had have been utilised skilfully to craft something that is as equally bewitching to watch as the track is to listen to.

Undoubtedly, this artist will craft himself a lengthy career in music and go from strength to strength if this release is anything to go by – make sure you take the time to watch the video below. It’s stunning.

What are your thoughts of this talented singer-songwriter? Got a #MellowMonday track to recommend us? Please leave your thoughts or song suggestions in a comment or via social media.

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘Odyssey’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/odyssey/id1212267234?i=1212267618

#WildCardWednesday: Everything Everything – ‘Distant Past’

Everything Everything

Everything Everything‘s song ‘Distant Past’ is today’s #WildCardWednesday; its a must-hear!

Their music style has been described as a clever mix of R&B, Glitch-Pop and Electronica. These styles have quite a difference in age; I was super intrigued to hear how R&B mixes with modern-day Glitch music.

Their music structure is relatively complex too, ‘Distant Past’ is split into a few sections of varied styles. This is just one of many unique songs made by the Manchester-based band, Everything Everything.

This blend of sounds is quite new, and I totally dig it! What else really stuck out to me was their overall aesthetic; the album art, music videos – it all works so well together!

Also try figuring out this video!

Max – Muzik Speaks

‘Distant Past’ can be purchased on iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/distant-past/id964374082?i=964374084

#MellowMonday: The Pierces – ‘I’ll Be Dreaming’

The Pierces Banner

The Pierces are a folk duo consisting of sisters, Allison and Catherine Piece. They are renowned for their folk harmonies and alternative adult pop songs.

Their debut album, The Pierces, came about (in 2000) after a friend sent a demo to a Nashville label.

This particular song is taken from that debut album and although it was never a single release (hence there’s no official video), it’s pure beauty is perfection for a #MellowMonday track. The soft percussion and intricate vocal harmonies are a real work of art and should be admired for their delicacy.

What do you think of this song? Do you appreciate it’s beauty? Have you got any similar songs to share with us?

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘I’ll Be Dreaming’ can be purchased on iTunes as part of their debut album The Pierces – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/ill-be-dreaming/id186178222?i=186178817

#NewLook: Muzik Speaks’ New Banners

Muzik Speaks Header - Star Wars

Not only do I have a massive passion for music, but I also have a huge admiration for graffiti – not the silly “tags” people do, but the huge masterpieces, talented graffiti artists create!

Brighton is well-known for it’s acceptance of graffiti as an art-form and as such, is rife around the city; as Muzik Speaks is based in Brighton, I thought it a good idea to use some of the photos I’ve taken of the incredible street art from around this wonderful city, and incorporate it with this blog, to bring it to life!

I hope you’ll like our new look and please keep an eye out for the 5 different banners which will appear on the top – each time you view our blog, you’ll have the possibility of seeing one of the different banners.

Our 5 different banners are:

  • Star Wars
  • Spaceman
  • Michael Jackson
  • Yin Yang Dragon
  • Boombox Kid

What do you think of our new look banners? Do you want to see more variations?

Matt – Muzik Speaks