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Will Joseph Cook is a Kent-born singer songwriter who’s been hard at work crafting his sound, supporting on several tours and then in October 2016, embarked on a headline tour. Since then, we had a chat with him about what he’s been up to recently (check out the latest interview) and he’s put the finishing touches to his debut album. This is, Sweet Dreamer.

Will Joseph Cook - Sweet Dreamer

The album kicks off with the chilled sing-along track, ‘Biggest Fan’ with it’s slightly country-tinted guitar twangs, making for the perfect way to open this rather cinematic record. It leads perfectly on to one of Will‘s biggest hits, ‘Sweet Dreamer’; a funky song with incredible production and subtle sounds, topped off with sugar-coated, sombre lyrics; an oxymoron to the all-round uplifting sound of the track.

The record flows incredibly through a whole heap of diverse songs; from indie pop belters to almost club-like anthems, it’s packed with songs that just have to be danced and sung along to. The singer-songwriter also prides himself on his use of imagery to accompany his songs (in the form of well-crafted music videos) but this album also takes you on a journey – each song is able to conjure up images in the mind that could well make for a video – I’m sure that if he had the time, he’d could easily produce videos for each and every song, but that’s because each song on the album feels like it could be a single in its own right.

A forward-thinking, credible pop record, crammed full of diversity, for all the cool kids to revel in. A true modern masterpiece.

Stand-out tracks have to be ‘Treat Me Like A Lover’ and ‘Plastic’ – both have thumping beats that are guaranteed to have you coming back for more; particularly the latter. ‘Plastic’ is tinged with steel drum sounds and massively euphoric vocals that make me certain this huge banger will be a massive hit this summer. As well as some of his other singles, ‘Take Me Dancing’ and ‘Girls Like Me’, which are both awesome, another incredible song is ‘Alive’ – it feels like the song blends many genres and the falsetto vocals are truly captivating. Lastly, both ‘Hands’ and ‘Habit’ are very different songs to the rest of the album; especially ‘Hands’ – it’s a very raw, honest and truthful track that seems almost like a break from the rest of the album.

The production throughout the album is incredible – it comes together amazingly as a cohesive body of work – it’s genre-blending, exciting, playful and all-consuming (in a good way)!

It is undoubtable that this album will be the soundtrack to many people’s summers this year; it’s fun-filled, indie pop that is bursting at the seems with summery vibes, catchy choruses and intelligent lyrics. A forward-thinking, credible pop record, crammed full of diversity, for all the cool kids to revel in. A true modern masterpiece. I can’t get enough of it, and you won’t be able to either.

Will is also off on a UK tour in May, in support of the album. He kicks off the tour at Stereo in Glasgow on 2nd May before travelling to Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, Bristol and London. He concludes the tour at The Bullingdon in Oxford on 12th May before heading to several places in Europe. Be sure to check out a date near you – he puts on an amazing show (Check out our review)!


‘Sweet Dreamer’ is out now and can be downloaded from iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sweet-dreamer/id1203346564

Sweet Dreamer on Spotify

Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine) (Official Video)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of Will’s debut album. What are your thoughts of it? Are you as much of a fan as us? What would you rate it? Please leave your thoughts in a comment or chat about it via our social media.

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#MellowMonday: Mahalia – ‘Silly Girl’

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The newest songstress on the scene is the incredibly talented Mahalia! Originally from Leicester and now based in Birmingham, this young lady is soulful yet current.

Her ability to merge beautifully ascending vocal harmonies with the simplistic guitars on this track (‘Silly Girl’) is stunningly refreshing and her use of modern-day slang and topical issues is just perfection for the ears.

Although her style on some of her other tracks is different, there’s still something special about her sound and style – I am predicting big things for this lass over the coming year and it’s well deserved too; especially with such raw talent as hers.

What are your thoughts of this song? Have you heard any of Mahalia’s other tracks? What would you choose for #MellowMonday? Please leave your thoughts or own song choices in a comment below or hit us up via social media.

Hope you all have a great week!

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‘Silly Girl’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/silly-girl/id1152546474?i=1152546842

#WildCardWednesday: Thai Mason – ‘Look Up’

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This is Thai Mason; a UK-based rapper from Birmingham, who has just released his latest single, ‘Look Up’.

The song is produced by Bearcubs and The Dealer and is a very personal song. It serves as a reminder that you should always try to stay positive; even through some of the darkest times we might go through!

This latest track is his follow-up to 2015’s ‘Drunk’, for which he received over 250,000 streams online, as well as being playlisted on BBC 1Xtra.

I love the honesty in this song and admire the skill with which his lyrics are crafted – it’s just a great song! No official video has been released as of yet – we’ll keep you posted if anything arises.

*UPDATE* – the music video has now been released and it’s stunning – check it out below!

What do you guys think of Thai Mason? Have you heard of him before? Would you like to hear more? Please share this link across your social media accounts and don’t forget to share your #WildCardWednesday choices with us too!

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‘Look Up’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/look-up-single/id1106572105