#EventSpeaks: Lucy Spraggan @ Concorde 2, Brighton – 16/03/17

Check out Matt’s review of the final night of Lucy Spraggan’s 2017 tour, in support of her album, ‘I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing’…




It was the final night of Lucy Spraggan‘s March 2017 tour, in support of her most recent album, I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing (album review here), and what an incredible show to close the tour! With support from Joe Mongan and Katie London, the night was definitely one to remember!

Joe Mongan

Joe Mongan is a singer/songwriter who warmed up the crowd nicely – he had a good voice and one or two good songs that got the crowd going; he had an understated confidence about him.

Katie London

Katie London took to the stage, exuding confidence. Her vocals were powerful and her songs catchy. She was fantastic at engaging with the crowd and used her wit and down-to-earth demeanour to charm them between songs. I can foresee great things for this stunning songstress!

Highlight: The incredible power to her vocals and her between-song banter was on point.

Lucy Spraggan

The last time I saw Lucy Spraggan perform was on her acoustic tour and so seeing her perform with a full band tonight was a whole different experience – both were amazing in their own way!

She took to the stage with huge applause and a sense of anticipation, awe and sheer adoration swept throughout the crowd. The moment ‘You’re Too Young’ began, the fans were singing every word; in fact barely a moment went by when the audience couldn’t sing along with her – they know every word of every song and hang on to every word she sings and says. The sense of fan-family is rife at any Lucy Spraggan show – they know just about every story she has to tell, screeching with joy at her anecdotes and join in with anything she asks of them.

Fan-favourites such as ‘Last Night (Beer Fear)’‘Unsinkable’ and new song ‘Loaded Gun’ had the crowd chanting along like mad but my favourite song of the night was ‘Wait For Me’ – already an upbeat, catchy track; it was made even more intense by bringing it back a couple of times (just when you thought it was over) and upping the tempo each time – leading it into a high-energy, frantic rendition, ending the show on one ultra, massive high. Then there were the performances of songs like ‘Dear You’ and ‘Grown Up’ which didn’t leave a dry eye in the house – that’s one of the things that makes Lucy Spraggan so special; her ability to tell stories through her lyrics is a work of art.

I myself am a big fan of Lucy Spraggan but I would defy anyone to leave one of her shows without being in total awe of her talent, appreciating her devotion to her art and captivated by her abundant energy.


  • Her fan interaction and dedication is just remarkable – I don’t think I’ve seen an artist with quite the relationship that Lucy Spraggan has with her fans.
  • The genuine gratitude she expressed to her fans for getting her most recent album (I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing) to Number 12 in the UK charts, without any major label backing!
  • Her superb vocals throughout the performance.
  • Her ability to reduce an audience to tears with her stunning performance of ‘Dear You’.
  • The high energy she puts into her performances – particularly Don’t Know Nothing About The Blues’ and Wait For Me’.

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 Modern Day Frankenstein (Live)

Finally, I want to say a MASSIVE thanks to Ben for having me come down and do the review –  and to Lucy Spraggan for another fantastic performance!

Matt – Muzik Speaks

#Review: Lucy Spraggan – I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing




Lucy Spraggan is an outstanding singer, songwriter and all-round storyteller, most notable for her appearance on 2012’s series of X Factor. However, since then, she has built a huge following, from her debut, independent album through to this, her fourth album release. This is ‘I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing’.

Lucy Spraggan - I Hope You Don't Mind Me Writing.jpg

The album opens with the folk-like songs, ‘Fight For It’ and ‘Loaded Guns’, the first of which has an almost Irish folksong feel to it and the latter with it’s gun sounds and interesting vocal sample, make for a superb opening to the record. ‘Grown Up’ is a very personal song with a deep appreciation of life while ‘I Don’t Live There Anymore’ is a beautiful reflection of times past.

There are three, clear, stand-out tracks on the album (which must be why they were singles!): ‘Dear You’ is brimming with personal emotion – an open letter which deals with mental health issues (the video for which features Thomas Turgoose and can be seen below); ‘Freddos Aren’t 10p’ with its retro references and nostalgia and ‘Modern Day Frankenstein’ which is a very powerful, catchy song which touches on the positives in a negative relationship.

There are other great tracks, such as ‘Hey William’ (a collaboration with The Dunwells) which is fairly indie in style with great backing vocals; ‘All That I’ve Loved (For Barbara)’ which tells a story and shows off her powerful vocals and ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ that’s a track about the downfall of a relationship.

The entire album is filled with a strong sense of nostalgia, personal emotions, rocky relationships and her trademark story-telling. It’s what makes Lucy Spraggan such an interesting artist and means that her songs are always diverse.

The production on the album is fantastic and lead by Jon Maguire (who’s also worked with the likes of One DirectionCalum ScottBen Haenow and Sam Feldt)! It can be rare to find a pop album produced predominantly by one person these days, but an excellent job has been done to ensure that all the tracks are diverse in feel yet come together with a similar sound; it’s a truly brilliant record.

In summary, Lucy Spraggan has shown that she has been hard at work further developing her songwriting skills, to produce a heavily themed album but with wide variety of song styles whilst maintaining her fantastically poetic lyric-writing ability. It’s a definite, must-have album!


‘I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing’ is out now and can be downloaded from iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/i-hope-you-dont-mind-me-writing/id1176961001

I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing on Spotify

‘Modern Day Frankenstein’ (Official Video)

‘Dear You’ (Official Video)

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