#Review: Rae Morris – Someone Out There


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Muzik Speaks Loves Atlantic Records - SmallerRae Morris is an English singer and songwriter, hailing from Blackpool, Lancashire. With an album already under her belt, she’s back with her second full-length offering, Someone Out There, released through Atlantic Records.

Rae Morris - Someone Out There

The album opens with the simplistic yet melodic, ‘Push Me To My Limit’, which feels almost like the starting narration of a musical or a soundtrack, leading up to something epic.

There isn’t a completely running theme throughout the album but each track has a way of telling it’s own little story. Some of the most stand-out tracks on the record include; ‘Atletico (The Only One)’ for its unusual and bold use of choppy vocal hooks and melodies – it’s a really stunning song, ‘Do It’ has a very atmospheric, electro-indie vibe that’s truly catchy, ‘Wait For The Rain’ has a beautiful vocal melody that I love more and more each time I hear it – it also builds up a quite dirty beat to become this massive banger and ‘Dip My Toe’ which is one of the most pop tracks on the album but it has a certain Grimes quality to it. You can’t help but love the vocal hook in the chorus and sing along to it.

It’s not a generic pop record by any means and that’s something to admire – her bravery and conviction to shape her own sound and stand out from the crowd is truly refreshing.

Throughout the album, there are strong similarities with Björk(on the track ‘Rose Garden’), Imogen Heap (on ‘Lower The Tone’) and (on ‘Reborn’) – there’s a ton of quirkiness in Rae’s vocals (she’s certainly not afraid to utilise her voice in weird and wonderful ways!) and a real boldness in the instrumentation, provided by collaborator Fryars – the clever use of subtle sounds that somehow stand out, make a real impression. There is plenty of space for the vocals to shine through in the production and vice versa.

One thing is for certain; whilst this is a major label pop artist’s release, it has a uniqueness about it and there’s a real essence that she was given license to create something that suited her style and make the record she wanted to make. It’s not a generic pop record by any means and that’s something to admire – it’d be so easy for her to pump out something to fit the mould of current trends but her bravery and conviction to shape her own sound and stand out from the crowd is truly refreshing. This is a pretty awesome album, that with each listen I’ve become more and more fond of – I think it has a lot to offer and it certainly shows that Rae Morris knows exactly the sort of artist she wants to be.


‘Someone Out There’ is out now and can be downloaded from iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/someone-out-there/1299762265

Someone Out There on Spotify

Reborn (Official Video)

Do It (Official Video)

Atletico (The Only One) (Official Video)

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#WildCardWednesday: North Downs – ‘Plastic Clouds’




North Downs are a band that were born in a run down barn in the wintery English countryside. They are the lovechild of a Delta-Blues man and a London raver who have worked hard to marry the sounds of the organic and the synthetic. Their sound truly is genre-bending, fixating you on the journey their songs take you on.

‘Plastic Clouds’ has a certain sense of urgency and freshness to it that reflects their writing and recording process; the band gave themselves only one day to write, produce and mix it, meaning that clarity and swift decision-making was required and that’s evident in their debut single. It’s powerful, it’s fresh and it’s all-consuming. An all-round fantastic song and I can’t wait to hear more from them!

What are your thoughts of this up-and-coming band? Have you heard of them before? Got anything similar for us to hear? Please leave your thoughts or own #WildCardWednesday track in a comment or chat to us about it via our social media and please share this post.

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‘Plastic Clouds’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/plastic-clouds-single/id1206939781

#WildCardWednesday: Don Broco – ‘You Wanna Know’

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Don Broco are a pop/rock band from Bedford, England who have had two albums to date.

This particular track was brought to my attention, as it is featured in Guitar Hero Live. ‘You Wanna Know’ is a particularly upbeat, funky track and has gained a lot of popularity with fans.

The band also headlined the Kerrang! Tour in 2015!

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‘You Wanna Know’ is up download on iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/you-wanna-know/id985952418?i=985953005