#WildCardWednesday: Courage My Love – ‘Stereo’

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Courage My Love are a pop-punk trio from Ontario, Canada which consists of twin sisters, Mercedes (lead vocals and guitar) and Phoenix Arn-Horn (drums, keyboard and backing vocals) and bassist, Brandon Lockwood.

The band are currently gearing up to release their second full-length album, Synesthesia, and ‘Stereo’ is one of the singles to be taken from the record.

The song is heavily influenced by electro-pop with a slight pop-punk edge to it. The use of synths is superb throughout the track and its got a very full-on, all-consuming sound to its choruses.

The music video is interesting too – it’s very retro and has visual effects which are reminiscent of the VHS era with glitchy lines running through it, stacks of TVs with white noise on them and old-fashioned telephones. Check it out below!

What are your thoughts of this Canadian trio? Has this single got you interested in hearing more of the album? Please leave your thoughts in a comment below or hit us up via our social media accounts and remember the hash tag #WildCardWednesday if you want to tell us your own choice for the day.

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘Stereo’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/stereo/id1176184350?i=1176184926

#WildCardWednesday: Everything Everything – ‘Distant Past’

Everything Everything

Everything Everything‘s song ‘Distant Past’ is today’s #WildCardWednesday; its a must-hear!

Their music style has been described as a clever mix of R&B, Glitch-Pop and Electronica. These styles have quite a difference in age; I was super intrigued to hear how R&B mixes with modern-day Glitch music.

Their music structure is relatively complex too, ‘Distant Past’ is split into a few sections of varied styles. This is just one of many unique songs made by the Manchester-based band, Everything Everything.

This blend of sounds is quite new, and I totally dig it! What else really stuck out to me was their overall aesthetic; the album art, music videos – it all works so well together!

Also try figuring out this video!

Max – Muzik Speaks

‘Distant Past’ can be purchased on iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/distant-past/id964374082?i=964374084