#WildCardWednesday: Scott Stapp – ‘The Great Divide’

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Scott Stapp is known for being the lead singer of the American, post-grunge band Creed, but in 2005, he released his debut solo album, ‘The Great Divide’.

This song is the title track of the album and marked the start of his own solo journey, after the 2004 split of Creed.

I like this song a lot because although it has its heavy moments during the choruses, the verses have an almost Irish, folk feel to them, and I think the sound is really interesting.

Do you know this song? Have you heard it before? Are you new to it? What do you think? Please share your #WildCardWednesday choices with us and share this link on your social media.

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘The Great Divide’ is available for download on iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-great-divide/id970370871?i=970370883

#EventSpeaks: Zebrahead @ Brooklyn Bowl, London – 28/11/15

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So, last night (Saturday 28th November 2015) I got the opportunity to see Zebrahead perform at Brooklyn Bowl in London (at the O2). The band were supported by  Man With A Mission and Patent Pending.

Man With A Mission

This bunch of dudes are a Japanese band with elements of hard rock and dance-pop (brought by their enthusiastic DJ) fused together to create some sort of dance-rock blend! It’s not just that which makes them unique…it’s their friggin’ wolf heads! Their set was good and they definitely got the crowd going.

Highlight: The eyes on their wolf-heads lit up!

Man With A Mission

Patent Pending

These guys are a New York-based pop-punk band and my God did they make an entrance! They are possibly one of the most insanely great set of performers I’ve ever seen! The singer, Joe Ragosta, is hilarious and has a really unique personality and he explained how he has ADHD – but man, this guy uses it to its strengths, in the best possible way! Their music was good too!

Highlight: When the singer and guitarist entered the crowd and had a “crowd swimming” competition! Legends!

Patent Pending Jump

Patent Pending


Then there was Zebrahead; within seconds of taking to the stage, everyone was skanking-out like pros to the Californian rockers!

The band’s entrance was amazing – Gangnam Style blaring out of the speakers, with a flashing, dancing Psy toy on top of one of the amps – which then rolled straight into the punchy, ‘Rescue Me’.

What never ceases to amaze me with these guys, is how when they perform live, their songs are so much faster than on the albums, yet Ali Tabatabaee‘s rapping skills are impeccably timed, at such high speeds!

Working a crowd is not a problem for this group of lads as they each take turns to speak to their audience and there’s even some stage diving going on!

What I think these guys have down to an art, is not playing all their new stuff with just one or two older tracks; they introduce it amongst a string of fan-favourites, but in turn manage to make their new music instant crowd-pleasers with their high levels of energy, crowd interaction and pure damn-awesomeness!

‘Save Your Breath’, ‘Call Your Friends’, ‘Worse Than This’ and ‘Hello Tomorrow’ were my favourite performances of the night – they really got the crowd going and there were circle-pits galore!

I implore everyone to see this band at least once in their life, because only then will you truly know the meaning of fun!


  • The band’s Gangnam Style entrance with a flashing, dancing Psy toy!
  • Ali Tabatabaee standing on some of the crowd’s shoulders to perform!
  • Matty Lewis holding a note for an insane amount of time, whilst checking his watch!
  • Ben Osmundson‘s crowd-rousing speech about his song dedication to London!
  • Dan Palmer‘s moustache! Oh…and his sick guitar skills!
  • Ed Udhus looking so relaxed while beating the hell out of the drums

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  • Rescue Me
  • Save Your Breath
  • Call Your Friends
  • Worse Than This
  • Drink Drink – a fun sea-shanty type song where a couple of their pirate friends come on and chug some beer/vodka!
  • Hello Tomorrow
  • Hell Yeah!
  • Devil On My Shoulder (with guest vocals from Man With A Mission)
  • Mental Health
  • I’m Just Here For The Free Beer
  • Mike Dexter Is A God, Mike Dexter Is A Role Model, Mike Dexter Is An A**Hole
  • Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right, But Three Rights Make A Left
  • Who Brings A Knife To A Gunfight?
  • Sirens


  • Falling Apart
  • Can Can
  • Anthem

Lastly, I want to say a massive thanks to the band for putting me on the guest-list, so I could come and do this review!

Matt – Muzik Speaks

#ThrowbackThursday: Meat Loaf – ‘I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)’

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This is such a classic Meat Loaf track, released back in 1993! ‘I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)’ is a 12-minute progressive rock song (in full – the video is shorter), featuring vocals by both Meat Loaf (aka Michael Lee Aday) and Lorraine Crosby, however, she was not credited in the album notes or in fact even in the video.

Dana Patrick was the lip-syncher in the music video for the song and played the ‘beauty’ in the sort of retelling of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

The song, which was penned by Jim Steinman (as with many other Meat Loaf tracks), reached Number 1 in the UK charts and is still an amazing track today.

Are you a Meat Loaf fan? Would you have chosen a different one of his tracks? Please share your #ThrowbackThursday tracks in a comment below of on Facebook/Twitter.

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)’ is available for download from iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/bat-out-hell-ii-back-into/id724203467

#WildCardWednesday: Seether – ‘Broken’ featuring Amy Lee

Seether Banner

Seether are a South African, hard rock band from Pretoria. The band have performed under their current name since 2002 but found more global recognition in 2004, with the release of their second album, Disclaimer II, although this was more of a remixing of their debut, with some extra tracks added.

This particular song, ‘Broken’ was a single from the album and features guest vocals from Amy Lee (singer of Evanescence) who was also formerly the girlfriend of lead singer Shaun Morgan.

The band are known for their hard-hitting metal songs but this is a much more stripped-back, epic song of theirs, featuring strings.

The video for the song is also fairly fantastic, seeing the singers wandering through a post-apocalyptic type of setting, which apparently was a real-life trailer park which was a former meth lab, which burnt to the ground…interesting huh?! Ha!

What do you think of this #WildCardWednesday choice this week? Have you got any similar, epic tracks for us? Please leave your choices in a comment below!

Matt – Muzik Speaks