Week 2: 2015 – The Playlist

Happy Sunday!

We’ve had a great second week of ‘Muzik Speaks’, though still need to keep pushing the support of our chosen daily artists and try get them re-tweeting and sharing the links and your support is key to this. Below, you can find a playlist of this week’s tracks, in case you would like to listen to them all again (some of them are unfortunately missing from Spotify, because the artist hasn’t granted Spotify permission to have their songs on there), in one place!

Enjoy 🙂

Who’s looking forward to next week?! Well, get thinking of your daily songs to share!

Matt – Muzik Speaks

#ThrowbackThursday: The Rasmus – ‘In The Shadows’

Rasmus Banner

I LOVE this song! It takes me right back to my early days at secondary school…it was around the time I got into “rock” music and I remember going to see The Rasmus with a large group of friends at the Astoria in London. I distinctly remember the video too and thinking how cool and quirky the singer, Lauri, was, with the crows feathers in his hair.

What’s your Throwback Thursday tune for this week? Got any similar tunes? Please reply to this post and share it with your friends.

Matt – Muzik Speaks