#WildCardWednesday: Valentina – ‘One Hundred’

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Valentina is a singer with a big musical past behind her already!

She was previously part of JLS member, Ortise Williams‘ girl group, Vida, but after a short hiatus from music, has returned as a solo singer.

This song, ‘One Hundred’, is Valentina‘s first offering, and it was produced by Spacey Blak, who has worked with a wide variety of UK artists to date.

She has also been on X Factor (back in 2008), toured the world with JLS and even opened for Ne-Yo at the O2 Arena. She’s got a great past behind her and with a release like this, a potentially great future ahead of her!

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Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘One Hundred’ can be downloaded from her SoundCloud account now – https://soundcloud.com/valentinas15/one-hundred

#HotTopic: Aston Merrygold – ‘Get Stupid’

So, this post comes to you right now, as a knee-jerk reaction to Aston Merrygold releasing the video for his brand new, debut solo single, ‘Get Stupid’, a little over 3 hours ago, and it’s set to see him leave his JLS days well and truly behind!

The song itself is hella funky, with is James BrownBruno Mars and ‘Uptown Funk’ vibes! I can truly see this as a smart and meteoric step for him to take and foresee him making a Justin Timberlake-sized leap back into the limelight.

I can’t wait to hear more from him, with his debut album, Show Stopper, due out in October.

What do you think of his first solo venture? Are you a fan?

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘Get Stupid’ will be released on July 17th 2015, and you can pre-order a copy from iTunes, RIGHT NOW – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/get-stupid-single/id993867253