#MellowMonday: Liv Dawson – ‘Reflection’

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Liv Dawson is an up and coming singer/songwriter who’s been racking up a lot of plays on Spotify. Her single, ‘Reflection’, has been gaining a lot of attention and recently caught my eye (well, ears).

The intense piano melody, echoing atmospheric sounds, gospel-inspired backing vocals and captivating vocal melody really struck me. Her voice is soulful and has the ability to tell a story; she’s clearly very talented and writes from the heart.

I look forward to hearing what else she releases in the coming months – I’ll definitely be looking out for her.

What are your thoughts of this up-and-coming songstress? Please share your thoughts or your own #MellowMonday choice in a comment below or via our social media accounts, using the hash tag.

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‘Reflection’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/reflection-single/id1152686178