#ThrowbackThursday: iio – ‘Rapture’ featuring Nadia Ali

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iiO were a New York based Dance duo, consisting of Nadia Ali on vocals and Markus Moser on production. This song, ‘Rapture’, was the debut single from the duo and it reached Number 2 in the UK Charts, back in 2001.

This song was instrumental in the movement of Dance music into the mainstream, in the early 2000s and it incorporated Pop and House music too.

The song gained attention all over the world and Nadia Ali, although having left the duo in 2005, soon after the release of their debut album, has released her own version of the song, in 2010.

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‘Rapture’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/rapture-feat.nadia-ali/id395762204?i=395762208