#WildCardWednesday: PAULi – ‘WAITING (Getting On This Train)’


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Having seen PAULi support Rae Morris at Concorde 2 recently (review here)…I have been utterly obsessed! This is an artist who delivers a live performance which is both exciting and captivating; he has crafted something truly unique!

‘WAITING (Getting On This Train)’ is an intense blend of London’s urban music scene, with chaotic dance elements and a certain quality to his voice that is somewhat reminiscent of something Prince would have done, in his more recent years.

PAULi is an artist that has worked hard to produce a complete package; artistic music videos, quirky single/album artwork and a unique genre-blending sound. Unfortunately, no music video exists for this track but if you ever get the chance to see him live, there’s something in the energy of this song that is just astounding!

This is most definitely an artist to watch out for; I’m predicting big things for him!

What are your thoughts of this incredibly unique artist? Have you got a #WildCardWednesday track to recommend us? Please leave your thoughts or song suggestions in a comment or hit us up via our socials.

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘WAITING (Getting On This Train)’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/waiting-getting-on-this-train/1180156800?i=1180157170

#Review: Leah McFall – INK (Mini Album)




Leah McFall first came to the public attention as a runner-up on the second series of The Voice UK, back in 2013. Since then, she’s been busy crafting her sound and has finally released her first mini album, INK, which she will be touring throughout the UK, this month.

Leah McFall - INK

The title track, Ink’, is also the opening track of the mini album; it’s a subtle, laid-back song with haunting melodies and incredibly well-placed backing vocals that add a interesting depth to it. The song (and several others on the record) has strong resemblances with NAO.

‘Happy Human’ is an uplifting, full-on track with a positive message. ‘Bottle It’ stands out for it’s edgy sound – similar to the current tropical house trend but with her own, unique interpretation. ‘Colours At A Funeral’ is a raw, emotional song that has a deep soulfulness to it and is followed by another stand-out song, ‘Language’; the latter is a great song, probably the most poppy song (and my personal favourite) on the record. It’s a quite a blend of late 80s and 90s pop sounds and has that feel-good factor about it.

The closing track is Leah‘s first, independently released single, ‘Wolf Den’, which boasts an upbeat, quirky sound and really showcases just what she can do with her voice; whistle notes and all. It’s the perfect end to the whole mini album.

The production throughout, is what I’d describe as subtle yet intricate – it doesn’t scream out pop and it can’t easily be pigeon-holed, but that’s what makes it such a fantastic release. It’s very dreamy with seemingly simplistic production (although that’s most definitely not the case); it’s been impeccably well produced and each song makes an impact in a different way. Leah‘s powerful vocals and delicate ad libs have been layered beautifully and weave stunningly around the instrumentation, creating euphoric highs and emotionally-driven lows throughout the entirety of the record. It is an honest offering and almost exposes a vulnerability about the singer. This is undoubtably something fans will appreciate; an insight into her world.

In summary, this mini album has a lot to offer and is a very strong independent release that’s currently charting highly on the UK iTunes charts. Although she may not have won The Voice UK, her talent definitely outshines any other contestant to have graced the show previously or since. This release is a symbol of what fan power, self-belief and determination can achieve and her every success is deserved! Let’s hope a full-length album follows, and soon!


‘INK’ is out now and can be downloaded from iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/ink-ep/id1206458926

INK on Spotify

INK on YouTube

Wolf Den (Official Video)

Bottle It (Official Video)

Happy Human (Official Video)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of Leah McFall’s release! What do you think of the mini album? Are you as much of a fan as us? What would you rate it? Please leave your thoughts in a comment or via our social media.

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#FeelGoodFriday: The Naked And Famous – ‘Last Forever’

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The moment I heard this song, I just knew it was perfect for #FeelGoodFriday; it’s got all-consuming, energetic vibes running through its very core!

Every aspect of the song is perfect; the light, echoing synths, traditional dance beats and soft vocals in the calm verses build into an almighty, hard-hitting, epic chorus that just begs to be pumped at full volume. I can’t get enough of this song; it’s electronic indie at its very best!

No official video has been released as of yet, but the lyric video is featured below, which usually means a music video is due to be made; we’ll keep you posted!

What are your thoughts of this New Zealand band’s sound? Have you got another song of theirs to recommend us for #FeelGoodFriday? Please share your thoughts or own song suggestions in a comment below or via our social media.

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘Last Forever’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/last-forever/id1136207223?i=1136207776

#ThrowbackThursday / #ThrowbackThreesday – Adam & The Ants

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Released back in 1981, ‘Stand and Deliver’ reached Number 1 in the UK charts, with its glam punk, new wave sound.

The video was iconic and pictured Adam Ant and the band dressed in highwayman gear – the style of the band, certainly helped promote the band’s popularity and made them stand out from the rest.

Adam & The Ants – ‘Stand And Deliver’

Following the success of their previous single, Adam and the Ants released the title-track from their third album, and scored their second UK Number 1 in a row.

Still in the same glam punk style and genre, Adam Ant made a reappearance as the highwayman in the video, however dressed early-on, as a male Cinderella. Not quite as catchy as ‘Stand and Deliver’ but still packs a punch.

Adam & The Ants – ‘Prince Charming’

It was in 1982 that Adam Ant broke away from his band and released his first, incredible, solo single, ‘Goody Two Shoes’.

The single also rocketed to Number 1 in the UK charts and scored him, his third Number 1 in the space of a year.

The video breaks away from some of the highwayman imager, however still maintains the fantastic glam punk style and this song is catchy as hell! I defy anyone not to adore this incredible song!

Adam Ant – ‘Goody Two Shoes’

What do you think of Adam Ant? Were you a fan back in the day? Have I just introduced you to his work; what are your thoughts? I can’t get enough of these tracks right now, so please share this link on your social media accounts.

Matt – Muzik Speaks


#ThrillingThursday: Fickle Friends – ‘Say No More’

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Today is our 200th post! Happy 200thPostDay to us!

Fickle Friends’ track, ‘Say No More’ is our chosen song of the day for our special #ThrillingThursday 200th post!

Fickle Friends are a new discovery for me, but being a Brighton blog, I thought we should celebrate our milestone post, with a Brighton-based band!

The band consists of members Natti, Sam, Harry, Chris and Wilson and the quintet make no false promises on delivering the perfect blend of New Wave/Indie/Pop and it’s incredible! I honestly can’t get enough of this song – it’s just what I needed to hear today!

What do you think of these guys? I think they’ll go far!

Have you got a different #ThrillingThursday track for us? Please share it in a comment below or via social media with the hash tag, #ThrillingThursday and don’t forget to wish us a Happy 200thPostDay 🙂

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘Say No More’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/say-no-more-single/id1047150179#