#Playlist: April 2015

Hey-hey campers!

This month’s compilation is a corker! As with last month, we’re bringing you both a YouTube and Spotify playlist of all of this month’s featured songs!

Muzik Speaks has now been live for 2 whole months and it’s growing fast! We’ve got a brand new writer, Max Paillard, who so far, has brought you some amazing Wild-Card Wednesday tunes and I’m personally looking forward to seeing what he brings next!

This month has brought you some fantastic tracks from the likes of; Lucy Spraggan, Macklemore, Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas as well as songs from independent bands, like TEAM, New City Kings and The Barr Brothers and finally we’ve thrown-back your Thursdays with Bomfunk MCs, Fragma, Owl City and of course, the late Lil’ Chris.

We hope you enjoy these songs from April 2015, all over again, in one place – once again, sorry some of the tracks are missing from the Spotify playlist – some haven’t been released yet and some have been removed from Spotify by the artist/band.

Note: You can view the whole YouTube playlist by using the dropdown menu at the top corner of the video, or skip a song using the ‘next’ button.


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Matt – Muzik Speaks

#WildCardWednesday: The Internet – ‘Dontcha’

The Internet Banner

The Internet is a 2-person band, composed of singer, Syd the Kyd and producer, Matt Martians. Most of their publicity came from a popular LA based rap group ‘Odd Future‘, whose main DJ happens to be the singer, Syd.

Odd Future are more than just music, matter of fact, they give their music away for free!

They have their very own TV Show (Loiter Squad), and multiple clothing lines. This original, LA skater-boy style is brought away from the rap scene and into a more ‘funky’ vibe here, with ‘Dontcha‘.

As Odd Future‘s main men, Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt have new releases, I have high hopes for some new songs to bump from this indie-jazz band, The Internet.

Max – Muzik Speaks

The Internet – ‘Dontcha’