#Review: MUNA @ Concorde 2, Brighton – 02/12/19

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On Monday 2nd December 2019, MUNA arrived in Brighton to perform the first date of their Saves The World Tour – their first ever headline UK tour. They band were supported by Fake Laugh. Here’s what we had to say about the incredible evening…

Fake Laugh

Armed with a fellow band member and a laptop of backing tracks, it’s incredible how Kamran Khan (aka Fake Laugh) creates such a full sound – as if he had an entire band with him. The set was filled with original tracks that could easily sit well in an American teen drama (think maybe The O.C.?!) due to his interesting brand of dreamy indie-pop. That said, he also pulled out a couple of excellent, more rocky guitar riffs that added another interesting depth to the set. Although he is somewhat awkward with his crowd interactions, that doesn’t stop him from getting the crowd moving.

Highlight: There was one particular song towards the end of the set, which I don’t believe is online, but the guitar riff and melody, paired with Kamran’s smooth vocal, was a tremendous thing to watch and dance to.


Following a beautiful, instrumental intro, MUNA took to the stage and launched straight into ‘Number One Fan’ to rapturous applause from the crowd! They proceeded to play a string of songs, both old and new, from their debut (About U) and sophomore (Saves The World) albums.

Their Saves The World Tour marks the first headline, UK tour for the band and the Brighton show was their first date of the tour. To say the set was outstanding would be an understatement – the band really were jaw-droppingly brilliant, from their tight performance and engaging stage presence to Katie’s incredible, powerful vocals and they played to a room filled with nothing but love!

It doesn’t matter if you are a massive MUNA fan and know all the words to every one of their songs, or if you are new to them, because the vibes from both the band and the crowd are electric and every single person is able to feel welcome, accepted and a part of something special.

The relationship between the trio is genuine and packed with honest banter – at one point Katie made a small mistake and the others joked with her about it openly to the crowd but it was all taken in good fun and the audience found it hilarious too.

What possibly struck me most about seeing this band perform is the live interpretations of their tracks and just how genre-bending they really are! On some songs you can hear an almost country twinge to their style whilst on others they rock out, with one track even having a metal-style moment to it, which sent the crowd cheering. However at their core, this band are still a dark pop powerhouse with an 80s throwback feel to them.

Whether you’re a long-time MUNA fan or only just hearing about them, I cannot recommend highly enough, to try and catch them live – they will not disappoint and you will not stop moving throughout their entire set!


  • The stunning vocal performance from Katie (Gavin) throughout was breath-taking!
  • The chemistry between the trio (and their touring drummer and bassist) was electric – their actual performance was impeccable too!
  • The energy coming from the band was reflected throughout the crowd, filling the room with love, excitement and a truly euphoric energy.
  • The undertones of various genres being blended together, makes the band a real pleasure to watch – and as Naomi even said at one point, she “really believes [they] are the best f**king band in the world!”
  • It was a really nice touch that the band requested the venue make their toilets gender neutral for the event, to ensure everyone feels comfortable – a really caring touch for their very diverse fanbase.

 📸 All of the photos of MUNA are credited to Chloe Hashemi 📷
Go and give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter, and visit her website.


Number One Fan*
Crying On The Bathroom Floor
Around U
Navy Blue
Pink Light
Good News (Ya-Ya Song)
Hands Off
I Know A Place*
It’s Gonna Be Okay, Baby

These songs can be viewed in the YouTube playlist, below.

Finally, I want to say massive thanks to xyz and also Chloe Hashemi for her incredible live photos of the show!

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#MellowMonday: Imogen Heap – ‘Hide And Seek’

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This song is just incredible and was the first song I heard by Imogen Heap…and now, I’m obsessed with her sound!

‘Hide and Seek’ is such a unique song; it is solely performed with  Heap’s vocals which are transformed though a vocoder hooked up to a keyboard synth. This has created the incredible a cappella sound that made the song so iconic.

Since its release 11 years ago (this week), in 2005, the song has been featured in many television programmes and films, including popular teen drama, The O.C. It was also prominently sampled by Jason Derulo, in his 2009 single, Whatcha Say’.

It’s so passionate and heartfelt and I love how it doesn’t conform to the usual pop song structure. It is the perfect way to start the week. Enjoy 🙂

Have you heard this before? Did you love it when it was released? Are you still a fan today? Do you have any similar #MellowMonday songs you can share with us. Please communicate with us via our social media accounts.

Have a great week!

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘Hide and Seek’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/hide-and-seek/id189964745?i=189965253

#ThrowbackThursday / #ThrowbackThreesday: Lady Sovereign

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Man, I miss Lady Sovereign! She’s been off the scene since about 2009 now, but she had some awesome songs, so this one’s for SOV!

In 2005, Lady Sov released her second single, ‘9 To 5’, which gained her much popularity on certain TV channels, even though it reached only Number 33 in the UK charts. It was also taken from her debut album, ‘Public Warning’ which was released on Def Jam. The song also contains a sample from the British film, Time Bandits and went on to be remixed by the British indie band, The Ordinary Boys – which went on to reach Number 6 in the UK charts!

Lady Sovereign – ‘9 To 5’

It was then in 2006 that Lady Sovereign released her fourth single from Public Warning‘Love Me Or Hate Me’, which was another big song for her! It was featured in the US television series’, The O.C. and Ugly Betty as well as in the video game, Need For Speed: Carbon.

The video for the song sees Sov appearing in Tetris-style blocks and acting out certain lyrics to the song.

Lady Sovereign – ‘Love Me Or Hate Me’

The last song I’m featuring today, was actually the first official single release for Lady Sovereign, from her debut album Public Warning and saw her sign to Def Jam Recordings shortly after. Similarly to ‘Love Me Or Hate Me’ it too was featured on The O.C. and CSI: NY and in the video game Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition.

This song is just good, fun grime and doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s what makes it great!

Lady Sovereign – ‘Random’

What do you think of Lady Sovereign? Were you a fan? Do you miss her?! I do…come back SOV! What would your #ThrowbackThursday choice be? Share it with us in a comment or on social media.

Matt – Muzik Speaks