#FeelGoodFriday: The Little Mermaid – ‘Kiss The Girl’


The Little Mermaid is another one of my personal favourites from Disney; it has some great songs too! Today’s post features ‘Kiss The Girl’, sung by Samuel Wright who voiced the character of Sebastian (the lobster).

He begins to sing this song in order to encourage Arial to kiss Eric. You’ve got to give a hand to Sebastian for this one, he was really able to set the mood with his wonderfully nature-composed song. But unfortunately, as we all know, the kiss is interrupted…

The video is pretty atmospheric too, I always like to appreciate the aesthetics created by the animators, it’s some truly outstanding art work.

Although it isn’t featured, I think Sebastian’s ‘Under The Sea’ is another excellent Disney track. However, perhaps the themes of love with ‘Kiss The Girl’ are a little more relatable than living under the sea!

See the video below, it’s a pretty heart-warming scene that I have to give full credit to Sebastian for!

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Max – Muzik Speaks

‘Kiss The Girl’ can be downloaded from iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/kiss-girl-from-disneys-little/id929718978?i=929719059


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