#Two4Tunesday: Greyson Chance – ‘Afterlife’ & Fleur East – ‘More And More’

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Greyson Chance – ‘Afterlife’

Greyson Chance rose to fame in 2010, when he performed Lady Gaga‘s Paparazzi at a music festival, which later went viral on YouTube.

Since then, he has been releasing his own, original songs – most recently, Afterlife. This song shows an air of maturity and sees Greyson enter into a new realm of songwriting. I really like the pop hook to it but think it’s got an interesting sound to it – the blend of high and low harmonies is intricate and beautiful. It’s a well-crafted song, to say the least.

‘Afterlife’ is up for download on iTunes now! – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/afterlife/id1050728448?i=1050728504

Fleur East – ‘More And More’

Fleur East is definitely going from strength-to-strength and this song is cementing her incredible pop talent.

‘More And More’ is clearly teeming with Whitney Houston vibes but I like it as it’s bringing back that old-school disco vibe but with a slightly modern edge to it. I think this song could well be as big as ‘Sax’ was and rightly so! Enjoy!

No video has materialised yet, but we’ll keep you posted on this. In the meantime, I’ve posted her live performance of the song, from the National Television Awards 2016.

‘More And More’ can be downloaded from iTunes now! – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/more-and-more-radio-mix/id1077387608?i=1077387609

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