#Two4Tunesday: Anne-Marie – ‘Alarm’ & TIEKS – ‘Sunshine’ featuring Dan Harkna

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Anne-Marie – ‘Alarm’

Anne-Marie is an incredibly talented songstress who started her career supporting Rudimental as their lead vocalist for a couple of years before embarking on her own solo career.

Since then, she has released the smash hit single, ‘Alarm’, which reached inside the Top 20 of the UK Charts and has been played regularly on Radio 1. She was also crowned as the winner of MTV’s Brand New for 2016 in January.

Her voice is incredible, her style is fantastic and she’s got a really edgy sound – she’s raising the bar on pop and making it credible and cool!

I’m excited to hear her debut album when it’s released!

‘Alarm’ is on iTunes for downloading now! – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/alarm/id1109410070?i=1109410295

TIEKS – ‘Sunshine’ featuring Dan Harkna

TIEKS has recently grabbed everyone’s attention with his single ‘Sunshine’, featuring the vocals of Dan Harkna. Although it was released nearly a year ago, since being featured in a Fiat 500 advert, it has recently been re-released and gathered popularity, reaching inside the Top 20 of the UK charts.

This song is riddled with house beats and has a very current feel to it – it’s a proper summer tune through and through.

What I want to hear is a follow-up single from the producer – something with a similar style!

‘Sunshine’ can also be downloaded from iTunes now! – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sunshine-feat.-dan-harkna/id1025887786?i=1025888342

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