#ThrowbackThursday: My Chemical Romance – ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’

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Can you believe this song was released 10 years ago?! This seems insane to me; this was definitely one of my “emo” jams back in the day!

I remember just how all-consuming and intensely captivating this song was – it just took over the scene and saw a whole generation of emo kids wearing hussar-style jackets in homage to the band!

‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ was also the first and only UK Number 1 for the band but it was truly well deserved! This 5-minute epic masterpiece was just that; a masterpiece! It had everything going for it, the calm piano introduction leading to the rousing military drums into the full-on, in-your-face guitar riffs.

The video for the song was epic too – it sees “The Patient” die and get welcomed by “The Black Parade” into what can only be the afterlife.


It’s just a remarkable, well-crafted song that will surely be admired by future generations of emo-kids for years to come!

Were you a fan of the song first time around? What do you think of it now? Are you only just discovering it? What do you think? Please share your love of this by posting the link on social media.

Matt – Muzik Speaks

‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/welcome-to-the-black-parade/id201234391?i=201234434


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