#MellowMonday: Carmody – ‘Before You Knew Me’

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Carmody is a beautiful songstress who is blending the boundaries in music – she combines R&B and British Indie seemlessly, creating a sound that’s difficult to define.

Her latest single,  ‘Before You Knew Me’ is self-described as, “the moment in a relationship when the ‘loved up bubble’ starts to pop.”

Her songs are often deep and filled with an inspired sadness but still remain beautiful and this is no exception.

No music video has been released but we’ll keep you updated on this!

Have a great week everyone! What are your thoughts on this stunning #MellowMonday track? Please share the link using the hashtag #MellowMonday

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‘Before You Knew Me’ can be downloaded off iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/before-you-knew-me-single/id1199864128


5 thoughts on “#MellowMonday: Carmody – ‘Before You Knew Me’

    1. No problem, I’m pleased we could be of help! ‘The Light Of Me’ is pretty good 🙂

      If you get the chance to tell your friends or anyone you think would like our blog, please can you share the link and spread the word.

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      1. It’s really simple, it’s just a group of fellow music bloggers and fans who share their content and engage in cool discussions 🙂


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