#FeelGoodFriday: Jess Glynne – ‘Hold My Hand’

Jess Glynne Banner

So, this was a proper last minute thing! I had my ‘Feel-Good Friday’ song all sorted and ready to post…that’s when this song came into my life; I just had to share it!

This song is without a doubt, ‘Feel-Good’! Jess Glynne’s voice dances brilliantly across a wide range of notes and elevates throughout the song, perfectly! The prominent use of piano is a welcome change to all of the synth in the charts right now (not that I don’t love synths…I do!) and makes me reminisce of 90s/early 00s pop. The chorus is just brilliant too – what a fantastic song! As if Jess Glynne wasn’t going from strength to strength already; this song will surely see her rocket to even bigger things! ‘Hold My Hand’ is released 22nd March.

Turn the volume up and get your singing on! Please share this 🙂

Have you got that Friday feeling yet? What’s making you ‘Feel-Good’ today? Share your song to help brighten our day!

Matt – Muzik Speaks


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